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We want to „Cry with you! Grow with you!“: Slaughterra emotionalizes and makes visible that psychological problems and pain can affect everyone and that these topics should be dealt with more openly. Using metaphors and values from Japanese culture, the band enters into an exchange with its community about ubiquitous and personal emotions and experiences. We must suffer together to move forward – you are never alone.

Since their formation in 2012, the band has grown steadily and completely changed their musical style compared to their early days. Their current style can be considered modern metalcore, which since the release of their latest EP „Verloren in der Zeit I: Leere“ in May 2018 has relied entirely on German lyrics. The band cites Parkway Drive, Callejon, The Amity Affliction, Atreyu and In Flames as their biggest influences.

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Slaughterras neue EP zeigt eine versierte, professionelle Band in gängigen Metalcore-Bahnen – Musikreviews.de

A fine release by Slaughterra
– Powerplay Rock & Metal Magazine

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Concert - History

21.05.2013: Kammgarn, Kaiserslautern (Support Crematory)
01.09.2015: Hallenbeben Open Air, Halle 101, Speyer
21.05.2016: Release „Lügenherz“, Gloria Kulturpalast Landau
08.07.2016: Sunstorm Festival, Nordheim
11.02.2017: Rocas, Luxemburg
29.07.2017: Südpfalz Metal Open Air, Kapellen Drusweiler
04.11.2017: Angerfest, Kassel
13.01.2018: Snowstorm Festival, Heilbronn
01.04.2018: Hohenstaufensaal, Annweiler
14.07.2018: Rock im Wingert Festival, Bad Dürkheim (Support Emil Bulls)
01.12.2018: Live Music Hall, Weiher
05.01.2019: Südpfalz Metal Indoor Festival, Landau (Support The Prophecy 23)
12.01.2019: Tocix Blend Festival, Köln
09.03.2019: Stadtmitte, Karlsruhe
10.05.2019: Release „Verloren in der Zeit I: Leere“, Z10, Karlsruhe
25.05.2019: Cafe Central, Weinheim
12.07.2019: Field Invasion Festival, Urbach
19.07.2019: Scuzzlebutt Festival, Kapellen Drusweiler
10.08.2019: Wellesweiler Open Air, Wellesweiler
09.11.2019: Goldene Krone, Darmstadt
20.09.2020: Artik, Freiburg (Freiburg Stimmt Ein Festival)
05.03.2022: Goldene Krone, Darmstadt
26.03.2022: M8, Mainz
02.04.2022: Gleis 4, Frankenthal
14.05.2022: Z10, Karlsruhe
02.07.2022: Rock im Wingert Festival, Bad Dürkheim

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Julian Eberhardt



Julian Eberhardt